childishgambinolyrics In my opinion, the most epic Childish quotes
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glasses, leather jacket, imma ask you out
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One of my favorite stand up shows. #donaldglover #weirdo #childishgambino


Realest in the game. #skizzymars #geazy #childishgambino

I’m a star

How could I not shine?

*Actually a direct quote from Kanye West song “I wonder”

What was I thinkin’? I wasn’t

What am I drinkin’? I’m buzzin’

Straight laced chicks don’t do nothing for me

Fuck you

Can I have this dance?

Take chances like pictures

Emerge victorious

Fuck the old Donald Glover Yeah I’m glad he’s deceased, cause that sad weak being’s been replaced with a beast

Finally met your girlfriend, that is why her knees hurt

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